Hand Foiled 8” Traditional Upright Single Fin
needessentials 8 inch hand foiled fibre glass surfing single fin torren martyn

Hand Foiled 8” Traditional Upright Single Fin

$ 49.30 $ 58
  • Highest quality 6oz fiberglass cloth and resin (45 x fiberglass layers)
  • Individually hand foiled 
  • Height: 203mm / Base: 150mm (5 5/16 inches)
  • Matte black wet rub finish
  • Marine-grade stainless steel plate and screw
  • Reusable recycled EVA fin sleeve

Simon Jones of Morning of the Earth Surfboards specifically designed this individually hand foiled fibreglass 8 inch Traditional Upright Single Fin for a solid, pivot feel in mid-length and shorter boards. The fin’s rigid-flex-pattern and base gives speed and drive while the tapered foiled finish through to the less flexible upright fin tip provides a very controlled feel when under speed and load in all conditions.

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