Basic Sandal
Basic Sandal

Basic Sandal

$ 9

The needessentials Basic Sandal is designed to be a completely functional sandal without the huge price. Our design directive was simple:  Let’s take the simple basic sandal and make it better...more durable, no wasted expense on colors, screens, logos or special molded parts...and keep it all black.  

We cost a lot less than other brands as we forego all non essentials like branding, swing tags, packaging, middle men, retail mark-ups, athlete contracts and expensive marketing campaigns. This way you can spend more of your money on doing the things you love. 

  • Dual Density sponge rubber footbed with slip-resistant texture
  • Flexible 3-point synthetic rubber strap
  • 3.5 mm thicker than standard comparable sandal for added comfort and durability
  • Harder, blown rubber outsole for increased durability
  • Shipped in gray poly-bag

Why are we so affordable?

needessentials is an independent, direct supply company, run by Australian surfers. We value the truth, which is why we are honest about what it costs to create our products.

With no branding, packaging, excessive advertising campaigns or retail mark ups, we are able to invest in what is important, building the highest quality products at the best price. We only use the best materials and manufacturing and we are dedicated to providing you with a world class wetsuit.