After two decades of designing products for some of the world's largest brands we couldn't understand why consumers had to pay so much for things they didn't need or want in their wetsuits, outerwear, and technical apparel. In 2013 needessentials was founded as an alternative to the over built, over branded, and over priced products on the market. By forgoing all non-essentials like advertising, packaging, paid ambassadors, and branding  we can make world class products at a fraction of the price. 

- Ryan Scanlon


We only use the best materials, manufacturers and components in the world

Don't let the prices fool you. needessentials only makes premium products. We invest in the best materials in the world and only use the best manufacturers. The people designing and testing our suits & outerwear have over 2 decades of experience developing products for some of the worlds largest brands.

What is the best size for you?

We know you will love our suits and mountain gear. However, if you find you have ordered the wrong size, we will happily exchange your order for the correct size. Please see our size chart page(s) to help you make the best choice. All needessentials sizing is consistent with US surf & snow industry standards.


needessentials is only available online

To purchase or view our products just go to the SHOP section of the site. Here you can select your size and add it to your cart. Once you have made a purchase using your credit card, needessentials will send you your order within the USA within days. Once you receive your needessentials product try it on to ensure it fits. If you require a different size, ship it back unused for an exchange of size.

Why are the prices so good?

needessentials product are less than half the price of other large brands, By forgoing all non essentials like, branding, swing tags, packaging, retail mark ups, middle men, athlete contracts, expensive marketing campaigns and rents, needessentials can make you a world class wetsuit at a fraction of the cost of other premium brands. We only use the best developers materials, components and manufacturers available.

Why is there no branding?

needessentials is not a brand, its a supply network. Branding, printing, colors, swing tags and packaging only add to the price of a product and serves no function at all. By forgoing all these we can invest more into premium materials and workmanship to ensure you have the best possible product for the best price.