Surf Hat
Surf Hat

Surf Hat

$ 25
  • 50+UPF protective fast-dry recycled nylon
  • 360° sun block brim with slouch buttons
  • Elastic headband with adjustable rear toggle to create secure personalized fit
  • Soft adjustable chin strap with vented ear flaps
  • Drain holes to release water and provide ventilation
  • Removable ‘legionnaires flap’ to protect neck
  • Blank surf hat / no external branding
  • Color black

Use the needessentials surf hat for protection from the sun when temperatures are extreme.  

needessentials is a collective of surfers who are dedicated to responsibly making the best possible wetsuits and surf accessories more affordable.

Why are we so affordable?

needessentials is an independent, direct supply company, run by Australian surfers. We value the truth, which is why we are honest about what it costs to create our products.

With no branding, packaging, excessive advertising campaigns or retail mark ups, we are able to invest in what is important, building the highest quality products at the best price. We only use the best materials and manufacturing and we are dedicated to providing you with a world class wetsuit.